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Basic Aion, Cosmic Conception Card.


She heard them; their shouts of triumph, their cries of joy. But as her eyes opened, she could only see the darkness of her incubator. She was the first, a bioroid with a heart, not of steely rationale, but delicate feeling. And right then, in the cold confines of that metal womb, what she felt most vividly was disconnection.Edit


Can only be obtained through recruit-a-friend which ran from 11/16/2012 - No End Date. She can be fused up to three times to create [Hope] Aion, Cosmic Conception. On November 21st 2012 this restriction will be lifted and allow owners with ten copies to create her Ultra Rare EX final fusion.


Skill: Power of Deliverence

Effect: ATK Boost (All Types)

Attack: 900

Defense: 900

PWR Needed: 8

Race Affinity: Malka

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