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This page is intended to be a guideline for Super Rare prices.

  • Prices fluctuate due to many factors like - current event, introduction of new cards etc and these prices should strictly be taken as ballparks.
  • Please do not modify these tables without prior approval of moderators
  • Prices are for Regular versions of cards. Prices for Reg Max are slightly higher and PM (perfectly evolved maxed cards) double that of regular versions
  • Prices for Imperfectly evolved cards are highly variable but usually less than PM cards
  • Prices are usually lesser when paying in pure energy/power packs

Card Race PWR Needed Base? Atk Base? Def PM Atk PM Def Price
Tarterus Troopers Malka 10 1800 1800 30-35
Hyperion Vejim 10 2080 1720 30-35
Voltspirit Susan Norch 10 2060 1540 30-35
Shanoa the Blessed Vejim 11 1700 2320


Kris the Starfarer Norch 7 1270 1110 3175 2775 ????

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